Halo 5: Guardians recently completed its multiplayer beta - a good sign, given the game is still about 7 months away. Hopefully we shouldn't see the same kinds of, um, game-ruining bugs we saw in The Master Chief collections late last year (and in the early parts of this year).

And to make it all official, Microsoft has released not one, but two ads for the game - each telling PRETTY MUCH the same story, but with the perspective flipped each time. In the first, you see Spartan Locke (of Nightfall, for the three of you who watched Nightfall) in the midst of the utter ruin of a city, walking towards a statue of Master Chief as the only thing still standing. As he goes, he talks about the legacy of John-117...and how he has betrayed Earth and brought about this destruction.


But before you think for sure that Master Chief has broke bad, the companion ad shows the same scene - but with Master Chief walking towards an injured Locke, telling him that he caused this.


So...which one is real? I guess that's what the whole #HuntTheTruth stuff is about. Me? I just wanna ride a Banshee around Blood Gulch.


This also serves as a good reminder that - DAMN - Microsoft makes some damn fine live-action Halo commercials. And while these are pretty good, they don't really hold a candle to ODST: