Could Harry Potter have been a decent sitcom? Well, it had all the makings of one - weird location, a bunch of wacky kids, and MAGIC. It was pretty much The Wizards of Waverly Place, except with more murders (unless Wizards of Waverly Place was filled with murders? I've never seen it).

Anyways, before the inevitable reboot of Harry Potter in 20 years, maybe they can try to make a Hogwarts-set sitcom. Now that the magical equivalent of Hitler is dead and buried, there's probably a little more time for goofy antics.

And in case you were wondering which HP characters would be which Friends characters, we went and solved it for you:

  • Harry = Ross
  • Ron = Chandler
  • Neville = Joey
  • Ginny = Rachel
  • Hermione = Monica
  • Luna = Phoebe

Note: there is no argument here. This is official.