Netherrealm revealed that the newest guest-character to join the roster in Mortal Kombat X will be Jason Voorhees (appropiately announced on Friday the 13th). This means that he will join his longtime rival/sparring partner Freddy Krueger and has set off wild internet speculation as to which other cinematic rogues will also be added to the roster. Will it be Predator? Pinhead?There's no way they can shut this Pandora's box now that it's open.

We here at Dorkly must warn the developers NOT to include these characters from cinema history, because they're TOO SCARY to be included in the game


5. Pennywise the Clown (from It)


It seems weird that MK hasn't done the "effed up clown" trope yet, given its edgy '90s upbringing, but do not under any circumstance make a digital version of Tim Curry. That thing will definitely go rampant and destroy humanity within the decade.


4. Esther (from Orphan)


I just don't want to know what happens when someone performs a Babality on her, it's going to be SUPER WEIRD.


3. The Phantom of the Opera


Quick, who's the scariest of the Universal classic monsters? You're damn right it's this organ-playing bald guy who's stuck in the friend-zone. 


2. Trantor the Troll (from Ernest Scared Stupid)


Just look at this thing. He's from a kids movie. A KIDS MOVIE FOR CHRISSAKES.


1. Turbo (from Wreck-It-Ralph)


Right? Remember this guy? So spooky!


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