For convienence, I've linked to the NexusMod page for each Skyrim add-on, in case you want to try any of these out. If you're new to modding, check out Nexus' step-by-step guide. It's easier than it looks.

You can also find some of these on Skyrim's Steam Workshop page, but you can't mix and match those with the Nexus versions -- and many of the Nexus mods I'm listing aren't available through the Workshop. You have an impossible decision ahead of you. Do you want the simplicity of the Steam Workshop? Or do you want Animated Fart Shouts?


10. Animated Fart Shouts 



by Twiggy - Download


Here's the thing with Animated Fart Shouts: It's janky and juvenile and is completely superfluous to the gameplay expreience. In other words, it's everything you thought it could be.

As life-changing as this mod may seem, it's not really altering much of the game code. Shouts are still shouts, only the Dragonborn is popping a squat beforehand. And yet, the simple animation tweak does wonders. Tell me you can watch someone fart so hard they sprint through a gate and not feel anything in the "haha butts are funny because that's where the poop comes out" part of your brain.

Part of the hilarity might come from how it subverts the well-worn "Chosen One" trope. In the game, you're this vaunted savior with incredible powers. But with AFS, you're a terrifying asshole who can incinerate people with his own flatulence.

Yeah, there are a ton of graphical upgrades and UI improvements you can download to make Skyrim an all-around better game. But you've gotta have priorities.


9. The Staff of Sweet Rolls (and Cheese)



by Nebior - Download


The foodstuffs in Skyrim are one of the most lovingly-crafted items in the game. They're certainly better than the dopey citizens that walk around towns spouting the same three lines from five different voice actors. With the Staff of Sweet Rolls, you can make the world a tastier, less boring place by evening the odds. All you have to do is blast any living thing with the Staff, and they'll be transmogriphied into a delicious pastry.  

It's especially convienent for hoarding 28 sweet rolls to eat all at once right before you die fighting two dragons, but it does have a nasty side effect of potentially breaking your whole game. See, even though the Staff of Sweet Rolls makes you feel a little like Majin Buu, there are no Dragon Balls to wish everyone back to life after you've zapped them into sweets. Rollify the wrong NPC and you could annihilate an important or even a vital questline, and you won't have anything but a formerly human baked good to show for it.

That said, if you live by the credo of "F5 and Do It Live,"  you might want to get the quicksave ready for The Staff of Cheese. It's like the Staff of Sweet Rolls, but with cheese rolls. Lots and lots of cheese rolls. 

If you've modded your game to this point you could probably just spawn all the cheese wheels you want without sacrificing digital lives, but then your cheese wheels wouldn't have that savory post-human flavor.


8. The terror of the Werechair


undefinedby DigitalLion - Download


Becoming a werewolf in Skyrim isn't really worth it. You have to go through one of the game's weaker plotlines to get the power, and when you do go into beast mode everyone freaks out and a bounty is put on your head. But, as with everything that has ever existed, there's a mod that makes it a little bit more fun.

Boom! Who cares about wolfing out when you can chair out and glide around the world as the realm's most menacing piece of furniture? Laugh all you want, you're only risking your own esophogus being torn out by a disgruntled Pee Wee's Playhouse prop.

All the mod really does is replace the werewolf with a simple chair model that has no frames of animation whatsoever, but that's what makes it so bizarre and hilarious to behold. Unfortunately, the mod community has yet to one-up themselves with the next logical step: "Werecheesewheel."