No, not "actually insane" - "ACTUAL INSANE." That's the phrase repeated over and over, with a mix of joy and disbelief, by Twitch gamer Pro_live_gaming. The key thing to remember here is that this Minecraft streamer is a little kid with a pretttttttttty unpopular channel - according to him, the most viewers he'd ever had before topped out at 11.

But when you're the target of a 4chan raid, all bets are off - the Anons flooded the kid's mostly empty stream, accidentally making all of his dreams come true in the process - first seeing 100 viewers (a pie in the sky dream of his), then 200 (an impossible goal), and then even over 300 (a feat that nearly brings him to tears). Then 600...and AT THE TOP OF MINECRAFT STREAMING FOR PS4 TWITCH.

Other than the constant Hitler ASCII art, swastikas, and other assorted evil stuff 4chan likes to associate itself with for whatever reason, this is a real sweet video. 4chan can occasionally do good in this world, and bring actual insane-ness to one child's life.