Welp, it sounds A LOT like The X-Files is coming back as a limited-run Fox series (similar to what they did last year with 24: Live Another Day) - the network has been expressing interest and started talking about it recently, and even star Gillian Anderson said she would be "f*cking overjoyed" if the show was brought back. And you know what? The timing is pretty much the exact perfect time for The X-Files to be resurrected - here's why.


1. Like, everything's coming back anyways


We live in an age where Twin Peaks is coming back - and while you may be very familiar with Twin Peaks as a major cultural force, here's something you may have forgotten: it was super-popular for about a season, and then had another half-season where it was way less popular. Then it had a movie that wasn't very big either, and that was it...and yet a show that was popular for about a year 25 years ago is getting rebooted.

The X-Files was a major critical and cultural phenomenon for an insane amount of time - it was on for 9 years, and at least 5 of those years were AMAZING and hyper-popular and even led to a very successful feature film that happened DURING the series (which is an incredibly rare thing to happen). If Twin Peaks can come back, it only makes sense that a show like The X-Files - which has a significantly larger and more passionate fandom - also comes back.

I mean, shit, even Wet Hot American Summer is coming back as a series. And that was a mostly unsuccessful flop whose biggest stars (at the time) were Janeane Garofalo and Niles Crane. I love that movie with all of my heart, but there's no world where it makes sense to bring that back and not The X-Files.

Had these talks happened even a few years ago, it would have seemed like a crazy, impossible idea - old cult favorites getting brought back for limited run seasons just didn't happen very often until VERY recently, really sparked by the rise of streaming options looking to attract fans (primarily Arrested Development's sorta-odd 4th season appearing on Netflix). But in the year 2015, not only is it possible - it's kinda becoming the norm. I mean, Fox also talked about bringing back Prison Break. PRISON BREAK!

If there's room for Prison Break, there's room for Mulder and Scully.


2. David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson, and Chris Carter all have plenty of free time


David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson are actually still working actors, both regulars on different TV dramas - Duchovny in the upcoming 'event series' Aquarius, and Anderson in Hannibal (she'll be a regular in this summer's third season) and the recently released second season of The Fall. The nice thing is that each series is doing 13 episode seasons (and The Fall only had 6), instead of the typical network 22, leaving both plenty of time to do other things...like do another 13 episode series for Fox, about former FBI agents investigating the paranormal, maybe?

But the X-Files isn't just its core duo - series creator Chris Carter is ALSO free, with his Amazon Studios pilot The After not getting picked up.

Plus, the beauty here is that they don't have, like, unlimited free time. They have the right amount of time for a cable-standard 13 episode season - which means less stretching things out, more focus on meaningful episodes and a focused mythology, and (with the possibility it will be a single season reboot) they can focus on creating a self-contained, satisfying story, instead of a mess of sprawling plotlines that was required to be stretched about 3 seasons longer than it needed.

So - everyone's got the right amount of free time...why not spend that free time making ALL OF OUR DREAMS COME TRUE?

Sidenote: Doggett's busy doing Scorpion on CBS (aka CSI: Big Bang Theory). We're okay with Doggett not being in this.


3. Both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson still look great and HOLY SHIT Gillian Anderson is only 46?!


SHE WAS 24 WHEN SHE STARTED?! When I was 24, I definitely wasn't creating iconic television characters on amazing TV shows. I was too busy trying to eat dry ramen blocks because my oven wasn't working.

Anyways, Duchovny is 54 (but still looking spry enough for Spooky Mulder's antics) and Anderson is 46, and neither look too old for this to seem like a sad retread of old people desperately trying to recapture a role that made them famous long, long ago.