YouTube channel Vsauce3 did a thorough, almost intrusive scientific analysis of the Kool Aid Man's body.


Based on physical attributes like weight, structural integrity, and tastiness index, it actually appears that a giant pitcher could slam through a number of brick walls before taking catastrophic damage.

But the Kool Aid Man is a giant friggin' pitcher AND a sentient, living being. And sentient, living beings with giant holes at the tops of their heads are prone to quickly becoming substantially less sentient and less living, when displaying wall-busting levels of enthusiasm.


Despite technically only needing legs the width of a quarter to absorb each impact, he does have an Achilles heal: his juicy, Kickin Kiwi Lime blood. He would probably slosh out about 30% of this blood with each blast.


While not necessarily fatal, that would leave him extremely weak from blood loss. Coupled with infections from all the debris entering his blood, he's risking EVERYTHING to bring Man-o-Mangoberry to our youth.


Take a look at the full analysis below!