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This Valentine's Day, my girlfriend and I hung out in my parents' basement, watched anime and ate Wendy's. It was the best Valentine's Day I've ever had.-Jonathan

The other day I was playing Fallout 3 and came upon a room with an iron. I picked it up, not quite remembering what quest I needed an iron for, but I remembered needing an iron for some reason. After looking through my quest log, I realized it had nothing to do with Fallout and that I needed to iron my pants for work the next day-Brian

Around third grade, my brother and I would go to a weekly Pokemon day at a local park. All the kids would bring their cards and straight battle and trade for hours. Being young and foolish, I traded my rare Kabutops for a lame Chansey I thought was cool. After my brother realized what I had done, he talked some sense into me, pointing out that that Kabutops was my best card and Chansey was awful. I begged him to get my card back. He had to give up his prized Charizard in exchange. I'm a sophomore in high school now and I still have that Kabutops on my desk. I keep it there to remind me how much my brother loves me.-Anonymous

I frequently have to turn cheat when typing papers for class with length requirements. I decrease both the font size and margins, and manipulate the sentence spacing so that it will be short enough.-Anonymous

When I was in 6th grade, Pokemon was just starting to become big. One boy in my class decided he was a Pikachu. He would say nothing but "pikachu" and it's syllables. The teacher even accepted this eventually and began calling him Pikachu. After a month or so we all got used to his antics, until one day when he fell on the ground and had what we thought was a seizure. Everyone in the class started screaming until he stopped shaking, stood up, and at the top of his lungs exclaimed, "Raichu!"-Allen

I recently played an intense Zerg vs Zerg game of Starcraft 2 online. After one battle left me weak, a single unit walked in and suicided on my hatchery, destroying it. I was so mad that I slammed my mouse down on the desk, breaking the piece that held the battery in and the mouse itself. Enraged further, I hurled the piece of junk across the room. It shattered. Then I got up to get a new mouse and stepped on a jagged piece of plastic from the one I had just destroyed. I got a new mouse, hopped back to my computer and finished the game.-Ryan

Today they announced that one of my favorite astrophysicists is going to guest lecture for my astronomy class in two months. I got a half chubby when i heard this news.-Kyle

And the "I Don't Get Jokes" Award goes to:Vegeta called Krillin a "front-tailed saiyan" in the Krillin's Wish comic the other day. Krillin is human.-Grayson