If you've managed to take that Movember Momentum this far into Manuary, and you're still reading this sentence, then have we got a social network for you!


Welcome to Bristlr, the half dating site/half casual social network for beard appreciation. If you have a beard or love a beard, you're in. Its creator, John (AKA wardrox), describes it as "the innovation in socio-facial interaction you didn't realise you've been wanting."

What started as an intentionally goofy one-liner (that he came up with while idly stroking his beard)...


...became a very real social network, after thousands of people signed up from the joke landing page. Bristlr now has tens of thousands of active users around the world, a hot-or-not-style beard rating tool, and more features on the way.

As the internet's foremost scholar on "the sharing of beardy-love", John has some anecdotal and data-backed advice for the be-whiskered:

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