1) Leonardo Dicaprio Loves Credit Cards & Bourbon 



We're starting off slow with this commercial, but it's weird how the man what was The Wolf of Wall Street says the words "Cool Bourbon" with the same inflection as someone making a catty remark about a hawaiian shirt. "Cool Bourbon, Bro"


This isn't the first time Leo has done commercials, he did credit card ads in his younger and ever-so-slightly prettier days:


2) Bruce Willis is Vitally Important to Daihatsu Motors


Not sure if they're making fun of Bruce Willis, or if Bruce Willis is making fun of the entire nation of Japan. All I know is that the "Mira" is a small compact car that probably didn't need the star of "A Good Day to Die Hard" involved.


Bruce Willis has the distinction of being the only actor whose most embarrassing commercial is actually from America:


3) Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Been Pushing Energy Drinks for Decades



How do you sell the idea of endless, nonsensical energy to the average salaryman? Attach the global face of muscles and cocaine to your product. The Governator had been pushing liquid speed to entire generations of folks overseas.

These ones are older than the Internet itself:


But even in his 60's, he's still at it:


At least he's in good company...