Although there's lots of reason to be excited for the upcoming Suicide Squad film, there's a few things that have us worried - especially in the wake of the recent announcement of the main cast - including Will Smith as Deadshot, Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn, and Tom Hardy as Rick Flagg. Here are the five biggest concerns we have right now.


1. Will Smith Probably Isn't Singing a Song Where He Explains The Plot


Here's the key to a great Will Smith project:

1. Will Smith is in it as a sassy, rough-around-the-edges badass who everyone underestimates (even though he's way better than everyone else)

2. Will Smith sings a song with an elaborate music video that explains the plot

It worked for Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, it worked for Men In Black, and it worked for After Earth (wait, I mean the opposite of that). It also half-worked for Wild Wild West, which is a pretty fun song, even if the movie surrounding it is terrible. But for a while, that was what you got when you cast Will Smith: a song that would stand on its own as a pretty fun, great thing, regardless of the quality of the main product. And it's been YEARS since Will Smith sang a song about the movie he's in while occasionally doing the Will Smith "Ha ha - HA HA!" and "Hoooo!"

Listen - I'll even get the song started for you, Will. Please. I'm begging you.

Hooooooo! Ha ha - HA HA!

Yeah it's the Suicide Squad now comin' atcha

And if you're a baddie we're gonna catch ya

Deadshot here comin' in loud and clear

But no need to fear - yeah I got my gear

And the rest of the Squad? Yeah lend me ya ear

Got Harley Quinn - yeah the chick is crazy

But she'll save ya ass cuz she sure ain't lazy

And don't forget Boomerang, Enchantress, and Rick Flagg,

When it's all on the line yeah we got it in the bag!


The Suicide Squad (Suicide Squaaaaaaad) - comin' atcha 

Bad guys gone good - yeah we gonna catch ya

The Suicide Squad (Suicide Squaaaaaaad) - comin' to getcha

Criminals on a mission - you'll be sad we met ya


2. They Might Cast Oprah As Amanda Waller Instead of CCH Pounder


Rumor has it Warner Bros. is looking at Oprah Winfrey for the role of Amanda Waller, the hardass who's in charge of organizing the Suicide Squad, instead of CCH Pounder, who is the actual physical embodiment of Amanda Waller (and has lent her voice for the part in several DC cartoons). Not only is she EXACTLY Amanda Waller (in the same way Patrick Stewart was the duh choice for Professor Xavier), but she's also a ridiculously talented actress (her work in The Shield is the height of her badass talents).


3. Jared Leto Is Playing the Joker, and If Heath Ledger As The Joker Taught Us Anything, We Should Get Really Riled Up About Prettyboy Actors Playing the Joker


Ugh, Jared Leto as the Joker? The guy from 30 Seconds To Mars? Bleggggggggggggh. TERRIBLE CHOICE. There's no reason we should have faith in Leto's skills as an actor. Remember how everyone reacted to previous prettyboy Heath Ledger?



I mean, look at this shitty dude's resume: American Psycho, Fight Club, The Dallas Buyers' Club, Requiem For a Dream? Whatever, he has stupid hair and his Oscar speech was dumb. We were right to pre-judge Heath Ledger, and now we're right again.