1. What Happens on Corellia Stays on Corella

by Face of Poe

"Oh," Iella exclaimed, "how about this: Grand Orgasmal Thrawn."

"Maybe..." Wedge murmured. "Tales from the Outer Rim: Tongue'l."

"I liked Thigh-fair-a better," Iella muttered back. "Tales from the Deep Core."

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The wordplay is strong in this one


2. Better Than the Force

by Walter the Wizard

A union with the Force, while immensely satisfying in its own way, was too passive. You couldn't touch the Force, or talk to it, or look it in the eye. You just let it fill you. This was fine with Anakin, as long as he got to fill someone himself from time to time... 

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You'd think they woulda built a droid to take care of that.


3. A plesant Interragation

by stormwolf3710

"I guess you need a little encouragement then." Said Vestara. Leaning back she slowly started to take off her flight suit. Discarding the boots she slowly started to unzip the jacket freeing her soft white mounds from their cloth prison.

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I think we can all agree there is no sexier word in the English language than "mounds."


4. She's Never Looked Sexier

by StatsGrandma57

Leia is pregnant and Han finds her delicious.


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He's a scoundrel.


5. Luke The body slave

by Nightween13

Luke looked up at the two moons from where he stood on the edge of his dead Uncle's property as he sadly and hopelessly wished for two things, one being the he wanted off this planet and another that he could have an adventure that would lead him to life with freedom, and someone who loved him really loved him and not because they loved using his body.

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Jabba can't wait to put him in the metal bikini.