Matthijs Vlot has performed a remarkable feat - using some clever editing, he's turned the cast of Breaking Bad into a musical act, singing about the quality of Walter White's "product"...using only spoken lines from the show, rearranged in rhyming fashion. Now that Breaking Bad is over and done, this is the closest thing we'll have to something "new" with Walter White for a while (until 'Better Call Saul', at least).

In case you wanted to follow along, here are the lyrics:

What the hell, is this?
What? This, this, this is my product 2x

I made you my bitch
When we started all this
Its cost of business
That's what this is
Stand up the heat
Look at that, look!
That's what we need, so we can cook.

Do what I say
It's not a request
Still the best way
She's by far the best
Something nice for my son
Just tell me it's done, something fun
They say "He was the bomb!"

This, this, this is my product
this is my product 2x
This, this, this

53 crashes, get it off the chest
So I can pay taxes and you got the rest
What the hell man?
I don't vote for this plan
Just listen to me, how much worse could it be?
Worst case scenario, hail Hitler Bitch!
What the hell yo?
That's the name of our snitch
Speaking in witch
Rise still this!
I'm the one who knocks!
Just think outside the box.

This, this, this is my product 2x
this is my product 2x
This, this, this this is my product