After nearly half a million votes, you - the readers of Dorkly and the clickers of toplist options - have decided what are the best feelings in videogames. The things that fill us with joy. The things that make us squeal internally (and sometimes externally). The things that make us feel all fuzzy and warm inside. So, without further adieu, here are the 20 best feelings in videogames.


20. The first time you enter a huge town


Most games start you out in the wastes of nothingness, or in some rinky-dink one-horse town that somehow has a functioning economy with three houses and a single shop. But eventually, you find your way to your first BIG CITY (or some equivalent, like The Citadel in Mass Effect). It's huge - bigger than anything you'd encountered up to that point, absolutely filled to the brim with locations and NPCs to get bored with. But mostly, it FEELS like a real town! It's big enough to have tons of nooks and crannies to explore, people to interact with, and you might even be able to get lost in it. And best of all, unlike real cities, there's way less people taking a piss in the streets.


19. Finding an Easter egg


The internet is a wonderful, incredible thing. You're on it right now! If it weren't for the internet, we'd have to send this off to a printer and mail all of you copies. And odds are the GIFs in this article would NOT function very well in print. I mean, I haven't tried yet, but I'm guessing.

I bring this up because - as great as the internet is - it's spoiled a few things for us, such as Easter eggs. In the days of yore, Easter eggs were actually things you could discover on your own, or maybe a few months after the fact in one of the 900 gaming magazines at the grocery (I MISS YOU, TIPS & TRICKS). And the discovery of an Easter egg on your own is a deliriously great feeling - you've stumbled across something that few would ever find AT ALL, and even fewer would even know what they were looking at. It was a wink from the developer, something added that really didn't serve any function except to be appreciated by you.

And that's not to say Easter eggs discovered by the internet aren't amazing too - while some of the more fun ones might get spoiled early in new games, other ones take the work of many players months to decipher and figure out. Remember the Arkham City Easter egg hidden in Arkham Asylum? That wasn't discovered at first - it took a long time, and most would have definitely never found it on their own. But once it was out and on the internet, it sent people into a frenzy - because HOW COOL IS THAT?


18. Buying a cheap game you've wanted for a while


We live in an incredible, INCREDIBLE age for gaming - some of you may not remember it, but those terrible-looking NES games that seem so crummy and cheap were expensive as hell. Like, we're talking in the $70+ range here, and that's in 1980s dollars, which were worth a LOT more than today dollars. Speaking of, buying games today is fantastic - thanks to the decline of cartridges and the rise of digital distribution, games are cheaper than ever. Platforms like GOG.com, Humble Bundle, and Steam regularly slash prices on PC games all the time - games that were brand new AAA titles a year ago can be bought for $10. Sites like eBay allow you to pick up old and obscure games for dirt cheap prices. And emulation...is illegal, and you shouldn't be doing it. Ahem.

But the point is, games that used to cost a bunch of money can be picked up for practically nothing these days. Was there an old game you thought looked awesome but you couldn't afford at the time? Now you can get it for a few bucks! It's ridiculously easy to build a very respectable gaming catalogue on the cheap, and each purchase you make of a gaming classic that's now 90% cheaper than it was originally will make your heart sing.


17. Finding a secret level by mistake


Again - the internet has made videogame secrets in general much more common knowledge, but there's still times when you'll accidentally walk down the wrong corridor, or blow up a random wall, or whatever - and find yourself in a secret location most would never tread. Level Ate in Earthworm Jim 2 is a perfect example, or the Chris Houlihan room in A Link to the Past, or...like, 6 of the endings in The Stanley Parable. It's like moving into a new house and finding a secret cubby hole - except this time, there ISN'T a dead raccoon inside.

Speaking of, anyone know how to get dead raccoon odors out of your apartment?