Just like in The Hunger Games, as the shoppers gather and the clock ticks down to the stores opening, each person sees each other for what they are: just another tribute. Only ONE can come out on top (with a new flatscreen).


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And as in The Two Towers, the way-too-big army of shoppers descends upon the humble fortress.


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George Romero had it wrong with the "slow zombies as consumers" metaphor in Dawn of the Dead - Black Friday proves World War Z is the perfect metaphor for humanity's need to consume.


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For store employees, it starts out like 300 - thinking their small force can hold their own against an overwhelming horde...


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...until they realize this shit is actually The Lion King, and they're gonna do their best to not get Mufasa'd.


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And just like in Man of Steel, you look at the all of the senseless destruction...but hey, you got an EXTREMELY good deal on the House Season 6 DVD set!


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Bonus! Not a movie, but...this is Black Friday. This is exactly Black Friday.

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