Hey, 90s kids! Remember the N64? Also, non-90s kids. 80s kids, I'm lookin' at you! Even you, 20s kids. Really, all decades kids should remember the N64. It was a great console, filled with tons of weird and incredible games that completely disappeared the instant that generation of consoles were over. And for some reason, many of the potential franchises started on the N64 (or found their footing there) have completely fallen off the map since, even though they deserved to live much longer lives. And that's why we're telling you about 8 N64 games that should be rebooted ASAP.

Note: Sin & Punishment doesn't count, since it got a Wii sequel a few years ago (which was great!)


1. Snowboard Kids


There was a period in the late 90s and early 2000s where snowboarding games were everywhere - the SSX series was bringing "Tricky" to a new generation, 1080 was more than just a random number, and Snowboard Kids became an underground hit alternative to Mario Kart.

Although it managed to get a sequel made, the series faded away after that (saved for a weird, off-brand DS game that dropped all of the goofy art designs of the originals) - but now seems like an ideal time to resurrect the series. Mario Kart is great, but the world is in dire need of more cartoony racing games, especially since the focus on downhill snowboarding gives the series enough of a gimmick to differentiate it from the Death Stare-y Wii U hit.


2. Mischief Makers


There's a pretty good chance that - even if you were a big N64 nerd - you missed Mischief Makers. For one, it was a 2D side-scroller in an age where 3D games were the new normal (although this was a VERY PRETTY 2D side-scroller), and it was EXTREMELY Japanese. Like, way more Japanese than most games.

But it was also REALLY great and insanely-underrated at the time. It had excellent mechanics, great art design, and lots of shaking. But mostly, it was real fun.



3. Space Station Silicon Valley


Space Station Silicon Valley deserved to be SO MUCH BIGGER than it was - with a premise as insane and wonderful as "there's a space station heading towards Earth that's swarming with cyborg-animals that you have to take control of individually to move up the robotic food chain", there's really no excuse for it not making more of a splash. Well, except that that premise is pretty niche and not super-easy to explain. Also, the game was so buggy that there were portions of the game that NO ONE COULD ACCESS without using special codes.

This is the kind of game that's just aching for a remake - clean up the bugs, double-down on the weird robo-animals, make it NOT the ugliest-looking game of all-time, and BOOM! You've got a great, unique indie game most people would totally pay $10 for during a Steam Sale, or as part of a Humble Bundle, maybe.