1. When someone thinks "democracy" allows them to pick the leaders of the world


2. When someone tells you Al Qaeda was responsible for 9/11


3. When someone asks why there's a pyramid with an eye on dollar bills


4. When your favorite TV show gets interrupted for breaking news about the Ebola outbreak you engineered


5. When someone wants to talk about New World Order - but means the wrestling organization



6. When someone says the Denver International Airport looks "weird"


7. When someone thinks wearing tin foil hats will protect them from your mind control


8. When you're at the annual meeting of the High Leadership but you can't remember someone's True Lizard Name


9. When someone screws up the Oath of the Secret Covenant during the Initiation Ceremony


10. When Jay-Z, the Pope, and George W. Bush RSVP for your Illuminati BBQ but then cancel at the last minute



11. When someone doesn't notice the subconscious imagery present in all forms of mass media to keep the population complacent and sheep-like



12. When you're framing someone as a "lone gunman" in a presidential assassination you've orchestrated but you don't have time to stage their suicide before local authorities arrive at the scene


13. When your best Illuminati friend just wants to hang out at home with you and watch Illuminati Netflix (which is like Netflix, but has Loose Change under the 'Comedy' category)