1. J.K. Rowling is the muggle version of Hermione...



Any budding author will be familiar with the phrase "Write what you know." If J.K. Rowling followed that rule these days, we'd probably get a novella detailing a wealthy woman's struggle to decide whether her toilet should be made of gold or platinum. But she didn't have that luxury when she was writing the first Harry Potter book. When it came to creating a personality for her know-it-all bookworm Hermoine, Rowling settled for looking in the mirror:

Hermione is loosely based on me. She's a caricature of me when I was 11, which I'm not particularly proud of. She's quite annoying in a lot of ways. I like her as a character, but I'm very aware that some people wouldn't.

If Hermione is based in reality, that has a lot of implications about wizards, Hogwarts and magic in general. Quick, somebody go to King's Cross Station and start ramming your head into the pillars between platforms 9 and 10.


2. ...and Snape was based on J.K. Rowling's crabby teacher


We all had grumpy instructors at one point or another -- wouldn't it be awesome if you could get revenge by casting them as one of the biggest assholes in the hugest book series ever? J.K. Rowling got away with that, as she confessed to modeling potions teacher Severus Snape on her crotchety chemistry teacher John Nettleship. The resemblance was obvious to everyone (even his wife), but Nettleship didn't put it together until he was confronted by interviewers. You'd think he'd have been tipped off after he was arrested for the murder of Albus Dumbledore.


3. Huckleberry Finn was ripped from Mark Twain's childhood


In his autobiography, Mark Twain admitted that his famous Huckleberry Finn was the result of him hitting Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V on his own childhood. He wrote: "In Huckleberry Finn I have drawn Tom Blankenship exactly as he was. He was ignorant, unwashed, insufficiently fed; but he had as good a heart as ever any boy had." Though his older brother Benson was the one that aided a runaway slave, one can only imagine the other hijinks Tom got into over his many years. It's probably best to just keep it to your imagination, as some report that Tom ended up on the wrong side of the law and died a few years after Huckleberry Finn went to press. I know that's depressing, but it helps, everyone else on this list is dead too.