1. The Moray Eel Has a Tiny Extra Mouth Full of Teeth

photo credit howitworksdaily


While the Moray Eel looks like it's perpetually waiting for the pity laugh after it told a terrible joke, it's pretty much a ferocious underwater killing machine. Lurking in caves and crevices, it needs to strike quickly when prey is unfortunate enough to swim by. This second pair of teeny tiny toothy jaws emerges from the eel's throat when it bites down to make sure that before prey has a chance to get away it's already deep in its gullet, contemplating the lengths evolution will go to make sure you have a terrible day.

Here's a video of a knowledgeable person explaining it:

Oddly enough, when asked about the double-jaws, H.R. Giger said that he was unaware of the eel's adaptation when designing the Xenomorph. It just goes to show you that an idea as simple as "more teeth what where your teeth are" is too good to pass up.


2. Naked Mole Rats Have a Big Gross Queen For a Leader

photo credit Arkive


Forget everything you learned about naked mole rats on Kim Possible.

Just like the bloated matriarchal mama in Aliens, the naked mole rat queen is the center of its society and the sole source of new offspring for its hive. In every mole rat colony there is only one larger female queen who is surrounded by a small number of breeding partners, every other member of the cluster (usually up to 80 individuals) is a sterile worker. While living underground in harsh low-oxygen environments, these mammals can survive despite being phenomenally inbred due to their hardiness and social cooperation.

This is pure conjecture, but I also believe a giant naked mole rat queen would be equally capable of sneaking onto an escaping spaceship despite the fact that it's enormous and to not notice it would be stupid as hell