1. Kratos is based on Ed Norton in American History X


 Sure - when you're trying to decide on the look of the hero of your new game franchise, set in mythological Greece, why WOULDN'T your first thought be of Nazi-fied Ed Norton? In the words of Kratos kreator David Jaffe:

"It took a long time to figure out what Kratos would look like, and ultimately we took inspiration form Edward Norton in American History X, when he played a Nazi. There's this scene in which the cops arrest him and you just see how buffed and built he's gotten. I showed that to the artist and I said, 'Okay, that sense of power and aggression that you just see in his face, can we somehow take that, the essence of what he's exuding, and somehow turn that into a character that fits into this Greek mythology world?"

I mean, this approach sorta ignores all the context of the scene - which we won't go into detail of here, but let's just say does not provide the best example for your protagonist that you want the audience to sympathize with. Then again, both end up regret-filled buff dudes who have markings on their body that serve as a reminder of their shameful, hate-filled past.


2. Sonic the Hedgehog is based on Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson


The early 90s had two great heroes, accomplishing incredible feats like "freaking out people who remember The Jackson Five" and "playing a mean saxophone" - Michael Jackson and Bill Clinton. But what if they were combined into a single character? And...what if that character were a blue naked hedgehog who ran real fast?

According to Sonic creator Naoto Oshima, Sonic's "get it done" attitude is based on Bill Clinton's similar demeanor and reputation, and his belted boots are based on the ones worn by Michael Jackson in his "Bad" video (except using the colors of Santa Claus, because they needed another person who seems to have inappropriate access to sleeping children).


3. Dr. Robotnik is based on Teddy Roosevelt


Sonic's bespectacled, mustache-having nemesis is none other than the United States' 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt. Like Robotnik, he too had a fondness for relentlessly hunting down forest animals (sadly, he turned VERY few of them into robotic minions).

It should be noted that Sonic creator Naoto Oshima originally did design Robotnik a bit differently - well, he was pretty much the same, but he also wore a bee costume.


...since the most terrifying thing imaginable is Teddy Roosevelt dressed like a bee for no reason.