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Once, a buddy and myself were playing Halo 2 on Live and my friend thought it would be funny to start killing everyone on his team. After somehow not getting booted, the game ended with everyone furious and screaming at my friend for making us have such a low score. His response was he thought they were playing golf rules.- Connor "Balls-Out" B.
"Stop grunting and screaming lad, that's your mother's job." - Jon
While playing Black Ops a guy in the lobby who went 4-12 said, "I'm trying to teach my daughter about fractions. See Honey this is 1/3."- Jonathan
I went into a lobby the other day and came in mid-conversation between 10-year olds.Kid 1: So, how many kids do you want when you get older?Kid 2: I don't know, 5? Yeah, 5.Kid 1: Cool, I want 3, one for each gender!long pauseKid 1: Boy, Girl, and abortion!- Brody

Me and my dad had just gotten home from getting Black Ops the night it came out. We took it out, hooked it up and he sat down to play. He's waiting in the lobby and over someone's mic you hear "DAMMIT STEVEN I'M LEAVING YOUR ASS!" Then you hear "Sorry guys I gotta go." Me and my dad looked at each other and laughed our asses off for about ten minutes.- Maymay
I was talking with some friends when one of them stops the conversation for a second.Friend: Hey guys I'll be right back. My house is shaking and I have no idea what's going on.Leaves for a minuteFriend: Yeah I found out what it was. Apparently we have a treadmill.- Bob
I was playing a clan on team deathmatch on MW2, and obviously, they were camping and being generally annoying. After a few matches with them, someone on my team said "If we don't win this match, I'm going to suck my own dick and make you all watch!" - Chet