Japanese commercials are, objectively-speaking, a billion times better than anything we get in the United States. They're weirder, funnier, and a lot less informative (to those of us who don't speak Japanese, at least). One example that really drives this home are two Mario Kart commercials from years ago, featuring the Hot Mario Bros. - a comic duo consisting of Takashi Okamura and Hiroyuki Yabe.


The Mario Kart DS commercial is super-bizarre - featuring the two portraying French, American, Japanese, and Italian people playing Mario Kart on their DS, each with a mustache and a hilariously-bad accent (except for the Japanese one, naturally).


The Mario Kart: Double Dash!! one is a little quicker and a little less bizarre, but ya know...still features a dude dressed up as Mario in a tiny go-kart, thinking to himself, and waiting in the drive-thru lane of a fast food restaurant.