Well, it looks like it's official - Fox has announced that the Deadpool movie will be released February 12th, 2016. For fans of the character, this could be a time of worry - Hollywood is known for screwing up weird, quirky comics like Deadpool...especially Deadpool, actually, since they've already messed him up once.

But we think the Deadpool movie is worth getting excited over - and here's why.


7. That "Leaked Footage" From a Few Months Ago

Right after San Diego Comic-Con a few months ago, something curious happened - the biggest leak of the con wasn't The Avengers: Age of Ultron or even Batman v. Superman: How Is This Still the Title, it was Deadpool. The weird thing about the leak is that it was from footage screened for executives YEARS AGO. Why did it suddenly leak now, years later, right after the biggest comic book event of the year?

Someone was gauging the internet's reaction - while even Ryan Reynolds says it was "unfortunate" the footage was leaked, it's done nothing but good for him and the potential film. Was it director/VFX artist Tim Miller who leaked it? Someone else at Blur Studios? Or was it someone at Fox? No one can say for certain, but it doesn't matter - the test worked, since people were crazy-enthusiastic over what they saw.

The whole notion of a Deadpool movie was exciting to comic fans, but with a hint of hesitation - the character had been SO POORLY-HANDLED by X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you can't really blame people for not entirely trusting Fox to do the character justice. You have to hit a certain tone - one that the leaked footage had in spades.

Granted, we don't know if that kind of energy and enthusiasm can be maintained over a full-length film, but it's encouraging - especially since it appears that the reaction to THIS FOOTAGE is what finally got the film greenlit, it's pretty likely that this is the tone they're going to strike with the final product. That's okay with us.


6. The Director Became A Director JUST FOR THIS


The only name officially attached to the movie so far is a man named Tim Miller. If you're not familiar with his work as a director, don't worry - it's because he has no real work to speak of. He's written and directed a few shorts, but that's it - no feature-length movies, and the last short he did as a director was over a decade ago. But there's one ridiculously encouraging thing on his resume: the special effects creative supervisor for Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Like Deadpool, this was a long-gestating, much beloved nerd property that studios were a little skittish about - and rightfully so, since the movie did pretty badly at the box office. But regardless of how much money the film brought in, the quality of the movie itself was great. Fantastic performances, spot-on direction by Edgar Wright, and a well-streamlined adaptation of a very long comic series.

But the most impressive and memorable thing about the film was its unique approach to special effects, and how well-ingrained everything was in the movie. Scott Pilgrim is filled to the brim with tiny details, weird mixes of cartoony, realistic, and videogame-y - and yet it all works. And that's because of Tim Miller.

Now he's planting his flag as a director, and the film that he's so passionate about is Deadpool. He's the mind behind the entirety of the leaked footage, and if this moment doesn't sell you on him as a director of the Deadpool film, nothing will: