1. Kratos

    Show yourself Ares so I can tear you limb from limb!

  2. Hercules

    There you are bro. I've been looking everywhere for you.

  3. Kratos

    Who are you? Is Ares not brave enough to fight me himself?

  4. Hercules

    What? No, I'm Hercules, son of Zeus. I came to help you out.

  5. Kratos

    Leave me, I don't need help from the Gods.

  6. Hercules

    Haha right, and what about all those cool moves Poseidon, Hades, and our dad taught you? Eww, are you carrying around Medusa's head?!

  7. Kratos

    Yeah, you act like you've never seen a guy carry around a severed head before. Wait… our dad?

  8. Hercules

    Yeah, spoiler alert- Zeus is your father, which makes us brothers!

  9. Kratos


  10. Hercules

    Yes! I always wanted a big brother! Give me a hug!

  11. Kratos

    Touch me and I'll be carrying around your head.

  12. Hercules

    Where's the love bro? So do you have a plan for defeating Ares?

  13. Kratos

    I'm going to gut him with the Blades of Chaos and tear off his head.

  14. Hercules

    Whoa, that sounds really violent. What's with you and tearing off people's heads?

  15. Kratos

    It's kind of my thing.

  16. Hercules

    Nice, by the way, you look pretty ghostly. Have you ever thought about going tanning? Look at me, bronze as shit. This could be you.

  17. Kratos

    I'm covered with the ashes of my dead wife and daughter.

  18. Hercules

    I'm an Uncle!? This is great! But that's still kind of gross. Ever think about taking a shower?

  19. Kratos

    The only way to forgive my sins is to kill Ares.

  20. Hercules

    You sure? I have some Oxy-Clean back at my place. It'll get that shit right out.

  21. Kratos

    Forget it, I've climbed out of the underworld to defeat Ares. I will not stop until I have his head.

  22. Hercules

    Hold up… you died?

  23. Kratos

    Yes, and I've overcome death itself.

  24. Hercules

    So why didn't you just bring your wife and daughter back with you?

  25. Kratos

  26. Hercules

    Oh no… you didn't realize you could do that did you?

  27. Kratos

    Actually, on second thought, I could use your help, brother.

  28. Hercules

    Name it, anything for family!

  29. Kratos stabs Hercules through the chest and breaks his spine.

  30. Kratos

    And when you come back with my family, sign an autograph for my daughter. She loved your Disney movie.