Hey guys.

Listen, I know we're pretty busy with our jobs making advanced aircrafts, but I noticed a pretty major design flaw that seems to be a problem with...uh, pretty much ALL of the aircrafts we make.


Like, I appreciate all the work that's gone into our advanced aircrafts. They're great - sleek, metallic, and much more advanced than primitive methods of transportation. All around really swell pieces of technology. But the fact that they're regularly being brought down by one of the most primitive hunting tools known to man is pretty disconcerting.

Don't get me wrong - I'm sure these archers are real solid shots. And I'm sure the arrows they use aren't just plain ol' wood or anything. But even when there's an explosive charge attached to the arrowhead, it shouldn't be able to TAKE DOWN OUR FUTURISTIC AIRCRAFT. Any explosive would have to be super-tiny. And our aircrafts should have enough defenses to barely be scratched by an arrow-bomb, let alone taken down by one.

There are DUCKS that take more than one arrow to be taken out. I don't know about you, but I'd like to think that our advanced aircrafts are superior to ducks. Each one costs us hundreds of millions of dollars to make - one dinky arrow shouldn't be enough to take it out of the sky. It shouldn't even be enough to pierce the outside!

We really need to just put everything on pause for a second while we reconfigure things - bow and arrows should not be causing the amount of damage they do. You don't ever hear about tanks being brought down by spears. You don't hear about battleships being taken out by a trident. I mean, what happens if our enemies discover ACTUAL anti-air weaponry? If we can't handle an arrow, I would not wanna see what happens when a missile gets shot at us.

Seriously, are we lining these things with liquid nitrogen or something? It just feels like a rough fart could knock any one of our aircrafts clean outta the sky. Do you know what the result of shooting an aircraft with an arrow SHOULD be? It should be the pilot of that aircraft laughing their ass off at the idiot who thought they could use a bow and arrow to knock an aircraft out of the sky.

Now, moving on, let's talk about the number of advanced aircrafts taken out by unusually-long revolvers. Which, again, is MORE THAN ZERO SOMEHOW.