We previously brought you 11 Great Trailers That Were Way Better Than the Actual Movies, but ya know what? There were more. Way more.


10. Sucker Punch

Listen, you have to give a little credit to Zack Snyder - he really TRIES. There was absolutely no one forcing him to make Sucker Punch, a weird action/sci-fi/drama about a group of young girls trapped in an asylum who try to escape, envisioned through a series of elaborate fantasy sequences. He was trying to say something with this movie, although it remains arguable whether or not he succeeded (he didn't). Regardless, he's a truly visual filmmaker, and as such, his trailers look ridiculously awesome and endlessly promising, even when the films themselves fall short for various reasons (story, character, dialogue, minor things like that).

Still, enormous samurais and dragons and steampunk and zeppelins and gatling guns all mashed together? We should have known it looked too good to be true.


9. Clash of the Titans

This was one of the first films to have the post-3D effects work done on it, and it showed - the 3D was horrendous, and made the film virtually unwatchable upon release. Then, after release, it was still pretty unwatchable, because it had the blandest leading man of its time (hey there, Sam Worthington!), some shoddy effects, and a surprisingly dull storyline.

Still, the trailer is appropriately epic, and the two taglines from it: "DAMN THE GODS" and "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" are pretty much perfect.

However, they turned Bubo into a joke in the movie. Please, let my precious robot owl be.


8. Alien 3

It's mostly that last shot - "The bitch is back."

To quote Tina from Bob's Burger: "UUUuuuunnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggggghhhhhh..."

Sadly, the film proper was something of a mess, and could never live up to the EXTREME HYPE created by that glorious shot of an alien droolin' next to bald Ridley.

I mean, for real, they kill off Newt and Hicks and Bishop like THAT? Leave them alone, YOU BITCH.


7. Alexander

Alexander is a huge mess of a film, the depth of which is only hinted at by the trailer (which is pretty good). For starters, EVERYONE is doing completely different accents - Angelina Jolie is trying out some kind of vague Middle Eastern thing, Colin Farrell is doing his natural Irish accent (AS Alexander the Great, keep in mind), Anthony Hopkins is Britishing things up (appropriately), and Val Kilmer...well, who knows what Val Kilmer's doing.

Beyond that, the film is just a huge, jumbled, bloated chunk of confusion. The tone shifts wildly over its stupidly long length, and director Oliver Stone has released, like, 5 completely different versions of the film, indicating he really didn't know what he was going for in the first place (for those who don't remember, Oliver Stone was competing with Baz Luhrman to get a version of Alexander's story on film first - Luhrman had Leonardo DiCaprio lined up to play the historic leader, but Oliver Stone got in front of cameras first, so he won).

Still, Oliver Stone cut one mean trailer - an grand, huge-scale epic, telling the story of one of the most fascinating people to ever exist.


6. X3: The Last Stand

Let's make something clear - The Last Stand is not ENTIRELY Brett Ratner's fault. One of the big reasons Bryan Singer left the project to begin with (besides wanting to direct a movie where Superman never punches anyone) was because Fox had a release date already set, and were not interested in delaying that to give proper time to work on the script. So they brought Brett Ratner in to work off of a half-completed script just so they could meet that release date - regardless of how bad and half-baked the finished product would end up being.

Which, ya know, it was - totally dropping the ball on the setup for the Dark Phoenix plotline, wasting Cyclops for basically no reason, and including a big scene where Magneto transports a bridge for absolutely no reason.

Also, it included one of the first "internet meme to film" references ("I'm the Juggernaut, bitch!"), for which it (and Brett Ratner) should NEVER be forgiven.