6. "Intern Julie Describes Star Wars on the Preston and Steve Show on 93.3 WMMR"

The Person: Intern Julie

Best Quotes:

  • "Star Wars is about, like, a father and a son? It's a father and a son and...they don't like each other."
  • "The one guy wears white, and he's Luke and....I said 'Starwalker' but that's not his name."
  • "The dad wears black and he wears...he makes that weird breathing noise....That guy's name is Dark Vader?"
  • "They have glowsticks though, right?"


7. "Katherine Describes Star Wars"

The Person: Katherine

Best Quotes:

  • "Luke Skywalker is on...lives...he used to live...oh yes, in the sand land."
  • "He worked with this nice guy...I forgot his name...plus I don't even know his name."
  • "C3PO, he's a robot...human...like a...relationship. R2-D2 is his pal."


8. "Cute girl describes star wars"

The Person: Cute girl

Best Quotes:

  • "I know that there are, like, the R2-D2 thing?"
  • "Then the R2-D2 and the other, like, gold guy, the robot - or the android? They were, like, in the desert - and then they got captured by these, like, little men."
  • "Darth Vader...he made that guy disappear."
  • "He looked like Chuck Norris."


9. "3 year old Madelyn explains Star Wars, as Princess Leia"

The Person: Madelyn (as Princess Leia)

Best Quotes:

  • "[Anakin's a] bad person."
  • "Anakin's really nice. He changed his name every day."
  • "Sometimes the Emperor's mean to Luke."


10. "My Girlfriend Explains Star Wars"

The Person: Krystal

Best Quotes:

  • "So there's Luke Skywalker...which I guess is Harrison Ford? He's a cowboy?"
  • "No wait - Harrison Ford was...what's his name? I dunno, he's not important. He shoots someone."
  • "He's like flying around on hoverboards and stuff, like that kid from...Treasure Planet."
  • "I don't know where his parents are - 'cuz they don't care about him, obviously. Well, I mean, Darth Vader's his dad."
  • "He does the whole inspirational sports movie thing with Yoda, like - gives him a pep-talk and 'We are Marshall, we can do this!' That kinda stuff."
  • "There's something about a guy shooting someone, at a table."
  • "He ends up getting eaten by a giant sand flower. I don't even remember what you call it - it was like a Snorlax."
  • "The red ones are bad, I know that! And like the green ones are good? Is that cuz like green means go and red means stop?"



Bonus! Mark Hamill explains why it's impossible to try to explain Star Wars: