While the new Smash Bros. games aren't out in most places, the lucky kids in Japan have already begun playing the first portable Nintendo mascot-battle-fest, and finding weird things to do with it. The most interesting one so far? Smash Potato.

Basically, it's the rules of Hot Potato, but with a twist: both players play as the Animal Crossing Villager, who's able to pocket items and throw them later. The Villager is ALSO able to plant a tree, grow it, chop it down, and toss it - and a tossed tree has TREMENDOUS smashing power. If tossed and not pocketed at JUST the right moment, you're gonna be launched into Smash-Heaven.

Basically, most of you are just going to torture yourself by watching this fun video of a fun videogame you won't be able to play for a while. Still, it's worth it.