There's a new, live action Teen Titans show in development, focusing on Dick his Nightwing days, after ditching Batman, so they're dropping the "Teen" and just calling it "Titans." Here's why you should be excited:


  • Brought to you by Akiva Goldsman, the writer of Batman & Robin - so you KNOW he'll treat the characters and story with the care and grace of someone trying to figure out which ice-related puns would sound the goofiest being screamed in an Austrian accent.

  • Also written by Marc Haimes, known for writing...uh, some horror movie that hasn't come out yet. But he's produced such forgettable sequels as Men In Black II and The Legend of Zorro. Also, Hotel for Dogs (which, despite starring Don Cheadle, is NOT a sequel to Hotel Rwanda).

  • Being looked at by TNT - the network home of such great genre TV as...uh....oh, hey, Falling Skies is still on? That's....something. Oh, and that Dallas...sequel show? Reboot? Ah hell, all anyone knows TNT for is rerunning The Shawshank Redemption constantly. Unfortunately, Titans is not intended to be a reshowing of The Shawshank Redemption.

  • Since it will be airing around the same time as Gotham (which follows a young Commissioner Gordon and a young pre-Batman Bruce Wayne), DC Comics' live action TV universe will become even more fractured than before! Maybe they're building towards Crisis on Infinite Networks? We can only hope.