1. You Get To Play Videogames


Videogames are fun! They're something to play for entertainment. They're a diversion from work and boredom - more interactive and expressive than TV, more convenient than going to the movies, and a HELL of a lot less taxing on your body than sports or any activity that requires movement. Videogames are neat, fun things that exist. There's nothing about being a gamer that should provoke you to actively try to ruin someone's life for vague, ill-defined, perceived wrongdoing! You should mainly be concerned with playing videogames and having fun and encouraging a supportive, inclusive community built on positivity and respect. That'll lead to more people playing videogames - and therefore, more people having fun!


2. Videogames Are Fun To Talk About


Videogames are a fun - and fun to talk about! Some things in videogames are fun and neat. Some things are less fun and could probably stand to be improved. It's not a perfect medium - luckily, civil discussion about videogames is something you can engage in, without issuing direct and specific threats of sexual and physical violence at individuals who hold opinions about videogames you disagree with. Instead of that, you can discuss topics of interest, and definitely not personal attacks against individuals. And yeah, you don't need to threaten anyone or try to smear them even though the two of you have never met and they've done absolutely nothing to you.


3. You Can Just Have Fun and Be Nice Instead of Being a Snobby Asshole About Videogames


Some people who like videogames a lot feel the need to establish standards for what they define as a 'true gamer.' For some people, this means playing videogames on a PC. For others, it's dependent on what console you play videogames on. For others still, it's based on broad knowledge of videogames and their history. But the cool thing is that you don't have to care. You don't have to label and judge others for their knowledge of videogames or their method of playing. You can just play videogames and be cool with others playing videogames however they want and having whatever opinions they want, so long as their means of voicing their opinions isn't through a campaign of harassment against individuals.

Because the whole point of videogames is TO HAVE FUN.


4. You Can Just Not Be a Creepy, Horrible Person Who Actively Makes Videogame Communities More Toxic, Less Welcoming Places


Here are the only things you need to know about Anita Sarkeesian - her name sorta sounds like it could be an Extended Universe Jedi character, and she does a series of Youtube videos exploring the portrayal of women characters in videogames called Tropes vs. Women in Videogames.

Here are the only things you need to know about Zoe Quinn - she made a pretty neat game called Depression Quest and her name does not sound anything like a Jedi (well, actually, maybe a little).

Here are some things these two women have had to deal with - non-stop barrages of harassment from across the internet, including doxxing, terrifying intrusions into their personal lives, and way more threats of physical and sexual violence than any human being should ever have to deal with.

But the cool thing about being a gamer is that you don't have to do this! You can just, like, not do these things. You can have civil discussions online, without needing to anonymously threaten a stranger. You don't have to agree with their opinions, but if you see an opinion you disagree with, just...don't agree with it. There are probably a billion individuals on the internet right now who have opinions you disagree with. There's no reason to focus your vitriol against a person because of their opinions or some questionably-explained wrongdoing. Just go play videogames and focus on positive things that you like, instead of trying to ruin a someone's life because they did absolutely nothing to you.


5. Videogames Are Fun To Play With Friends - and Friends-to-Be!


Lots of videogames are fun to play with friends, or fun to play with strangers who become friends through your shared enjoyment of fun videogames. Like Mario Kart. Remember Mario Kart? Mario Kart is a fun game to play with people and laugh and have a good time and not harass people on the internet.

Seriously, everyone just go play Mario Kart.