1. Alfred

    If you don't mind me asking, sir...

  2. Batman

    What is it Alfie, ya friggin' chowdah-head?

  3. Alfred

    It appears as though you...designed frowny-brows into the mold of your bat-cowl.

  4. Batman

    Yeah, Al. So's that people know I ain't happy with 'em.

  5. Alfred

    I mean, it just looks pretty stupid to be in a constant scowl. The cowl is seriously DESIGNED like that? It has frown-lines BUILT IN. It'll lose the effectiveness when you ACTUALLY want to scowl at someone.

  6. Batman

    How are the kinda Southies I deal with gonna know I'm wicked angry if my cowl isn't frowning all the time?

  7. Alfred

    If that's all you want, you might as well put glow-lights in your eyes, so people can see how SUPER ANGRY your eyes are at night.

  8. (pause)
  9. Batman


  10. Alfred

    N-no. No, Master Bruce, I was being sarcastic, I didn't actually mean -




  1. Alfred

    ...Oh for fuck's sake.