1. Shopkeeper

    Alright, here we go. Four bottles of potion.

  2. Link

    Awesome. Hey, uh, stupid question: do you have any more bottles?

  3. Shopkeeper


  4. Link

    Like empty bottles. It's just, well, I seem to really need bottles. Like, I fought a lot for these bottles. One of them was in a treasure chest, and I was ecstatic. I desperately need bottles.

  5. Shopkeeper

    Can't really help you.

  6. Link

    I dunno, I figured maybe the magic potions were the valuable stuff, and bottles were just around.

  7. Shopkeeper

    Nope. There are magic fairies everywhere. But bottles! Wow. That's crazy.

  8. Link

    If bottles are so rare, how do you give me this stuff?

  9. Shopkeeper

    Oh, just from a vat. But no one knows how to make bottles to transport it. It's just too mysterious! Anyway, here's a super potion to restore your magic points.

  10. Link

    Right. Can I use my magic to make bottles?

  11. Shopkeeper


  12. Link

    Sigh. Well, what do I owe you?

  13. Shopkeeper

    600 rupees.

  14. Link

    Oh no! My wallet can only hold 500 rupees. Man…

  15. Shopkeeper


  16. Link

    Even if for some reason I wanted to switch a 20 rupee for a 1 rupee, I can't fit it in my wallet somehow

  17. Shopkeeper

    Yeah, that tends to be a problem.

  18. Link

    Well, I guess I'll pay for some and get more rupees.

  19. Shopkeeper

    Cool. What do you do for money?

  20. Link

    Oh I break jugs and barrels a lot. You know, smashing containers.

  21. Shopkeeper

    Why would you break those? I thought you desperately needed any way possible to hold potions and fairies? Wouldn't those things work?

  22. Link

    No. It has to be bottles.