The Nintendo 3DS has one of the simplest and neatest features ever included in a handheld - the StreetPass system. Two 3DSes, when near each other, will exchange data wirelessly, even if the 3DS is in sleep mode. Doing this invites the StreetPassed "Mii" to your Mii Plaza, where they can assist you in a variety of minigames, as well as including some connectivity to specific games (Animal Crossing New Leaf, The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, etc.).

But not everyone is as efficient as they could be with their 3DS StreetPass Game. Here are 7 tips that will turn you into the ultimate StreetPass pro!


1. Always Have Your 3DS On You


This should be obvious - your 3DS should always be on you, either jammed into your pockets a little too tightly (probably should go back to cargo jorts for the time being) or in a backpack/bag. Every time you go out to a party, sporting event, or funeral is another lost opportunity if you don't have your 3DS on you.


2. Hang Out at Popular Gamer Locales


While you may run into a few StreetPasses randomly throughout your day, it's smart to hone in on where the gamers are and increase your chances. Get efficient and always make sure to stop by GameStop, Best Buy, comic book shops, and Jeremy Ludell's house.


3. Start Stalking Jeremy Ludell


Jeremy Ludell is a huge gamer - everyone knows that. The guy always has his 3DS on him too. One wrinkle we should add to this - the more StreetPasses you gain from a single person, the more valuable that StreetPass becomes. StreetPass Miis in the Find Mii minigame get progressively stronger the more times you encounter them. So aiming to get Jeremy Ludell to StreetPass you multiple times per day could give you just the edge you need to become a StreetPass champion.


4. Watch For Major Geeky Events, Such as Conventions


Non-daily events like conventions are huge spots for gamers to congregate - and odds are many of the others will have the same idea as you, so there will be 3DSes aplenty. Get Nathan Fillion's autograph AND 40+ StreetPasses? Don't mind if I do!

Also, offer Jeremy Ludell a ride there. I bet Jeremy loves conventions.


5. Take Public Transportation


Whenever you can, you should take public transportation - buses, subways, trolleys, etc. You'll always be in the presence of others - and people tend to use portable gaming devices significantly more when commuting by public transportation than any other method.

Just a note: Jeremy Ludell gets the 8:10 G train every morning. In case you wanted to know that.


6. Watch Jeremy Ludell Sleep


Sometimes Jeremy doesn't leave his 3DS on when he's asleep. So watch him as he slumbers so you can be ready-to-StreetPass when he turns it on in the morning! Or when you wake him up in the middle of the night, your face hovering right above his.


7. Go to the Courthouse


...because you're legally required to attend, and those Jeremy Ludell StreetPasses have really dried up ever since that restraining order (50 yards - juuuuust out of StreetPass range).

But who knows, maybe the bailiff is super into Animal Crossing New Leaf or something.