1. Guy 1

    Did you just see that?

  2. Guy 2


  3. Guy 1

    That guy. He just climbed the building over there and dived into some hay.

  4. Guy 2

    Oh, that. Not really.

  5. Guy 1

    That's crazy!

  6. Guy 2

    Sometimes I yell "he must be drunk" or something, then continue moseying along aimlessly.

  7. Guy 1

    I love moseying around aimlessly! But I think he may be an assassin.

  8. Guy 2


  9. Guy 1

    Well, he kinda hustles around the streets in a weird mask and outfit in broad daylight jumping off of buildings. And he seems to have a lot of weapons.

  10. Guy 2


  11. Guy 1

    There seems to be an unusual amount of assassinations going on. Plus he has a gun-thing.

  12. Guy 2

    Do those even exist?

  13. Guy 1

    His best friend is Leonardo Da Vinci, somehow, and for some reason. I'm just saying, maybe this guy who hangs out with a mad scientist super inventor is the assassin.

  14. Guy 2

    You're crazy.

  15. Guy 1

    Plus he seems to be the same guy who killed all those guys in that fight three minutes ago.

  16. Guy 2

    I forgot all about that. I've just been moseying.

  17. Guy 1

    I think we should check this out. You'd think he'd be a little less conspicuous though.

  18. Guy 2

    Well, we gotta chase him down. For Italy!

  19. Guy 1

    Yes! Nothing will stand in our way!

  20. Guy 2

    Unless we see whores.

  21. Guy 1

    Right. If there are whores around, forget it.