The holiday season is upon us, and everybody knows the best part of the holidays is all the new games. Remember repeatedly seeing the commercials for games you REALLY wanted? It was painful, but it was also kind of great. In a perfect world every commercial made before the year 2000 would be included on this list, as they're all glorious in their own way, but this site isn't made of unlimited space, so we had to opt for 15 instead of 15 thousand.


Before we had Rock Band or Guitar Hero (or any music game for that matter), we had PaRappa the Rapper, the lovable dog who taught us all how to believe. This commercial really helped to convey the consummate weirdness of PaRappa the Rapper to the general public. To this day, people who have never played the game still know about the part where the weird stoner lizard sings about having to pee.


Truthfully, this is a pretty standard commercial for the time period. I mean, I like it, but I don't love it. But what sets this apart from any other commercial of the era is a young Paul Rudd, blown away by the powerful graphics generated by the Super NES. It makes you wish that Paul Rudd would do another commercial for Nintendo today, charming us all by simply talking about Wii Sports Resort or the new Donkey Kong. Now that, I can get into.


This commercial is one of those that just happens to be burned in my brain forever because of how many times it played on TV. It's also a great example of what video game commercials were like at the time: extremely obnoxious with a lot of "attitude" and in-your-face camera shots. Come to think of it, everything was like that. Thank heavens we got out of that phase. Now if you excuse me, I have to go. The Squeakquel is on.


Sometimes people tend to forget just how much of a chokehold the original Playstation had on the console market. Their rise to the top was aided by cheeky, memorable commercials like this. That being said, I think Sony took it too far with the one where Aeris protested Final Fantasy VII and Sephiroth in front of the video game store. That was a little much.


Old video game commercials are much more enjoyable to watch than new ones. The old ones simply have much more charm than the new ones, which are too slick and polished, and almost always feature soldiers. But this commercial gets included because not only does it give WoW a little bit of pop-culture cred, it also has an endearing wtf-factor.