After nearly a million votes (check out the full results here), you've ranked the top 25 Pixar characters ever (REMINDER: you did this, not Dorkly and/or the writer of this article). These are the characters who inspired you, who moved you, who made you weep like a goddamn child in a movie theater EVEN THOUGH YOU'RE 29 YEARS OLD, MAN UP, BRIDGMAN.


Yeah, so here are the best Pixar characters.


25. Kevin (Up)


The whole reason the plot of Up exists (beyond to be the one Pixar movie EVERYONE can admit to crying during) is because of the pursuit of Kevin - a legendary bird that Carl and Russell stumble across and become the de facto protectors of, and that evil Charles Muntz desperately wants to catch so he can end his self-imposed exile in the company of an army of talking dogs. Speaking of - why does Charles Muntz want to go back to the US? He lives in a beautiful, untouched slice of paradise, with an army of loyal talking dogs, and he has a zeppelin. What more could he want? Really, just the army of talking dogs would be enough for me.


24. Little Green Men (Toy Story)


The most adorable cultists in animation history, the Little Green Men were introduced as followers of an almighty arcade claw - inadvertently assisting Buzz and Woody return to Andy. From there, the main three were adopted as the children of Mr. and Mrs. Potato-Head and ultimately saved the toys from certain doom at the end of Toy Story 3. But they took their sweet time in doing so, giving Woody and Co. enough time to learn to accept their own death (which - reminder - was literally a thing that happened in a kids movie).


23. Merida (Brave)


Merida was Pixar's flag in the sand - their first female protagonist, their first "Disney princess", and the most hair-intense character ever animated. The movie more or less hid the plot pretty well from the marketing team - which was more about the mending of a daughter / mother relationship than about a feisty princess shooting arrows. Still, she was a feisty princess who shot A LOT of arrows.


22. Nemo (Finding Nemo)


Nemo had it rough - he was the sole survivor of a brutal attack that left his mother and several hundred of his siblings dead and eaten (which is actually pretty light for a Pixar movie) and ends up trapped in a far off land, where he learns many things under the tutelage of a grizzled mentor. Really, in another world, Nemo would have ended up as the fish version of Batman.


21. Squirt (Finding Nemo)


Squirt's pretty blatantly **METAPHOR** character, meant to teach Albert Brooks that sometimes you need to stop being such an overprotective dad and let your kids figure things out for themselves sometimes. He could use an overprotective dad when he enters Turtle High School and gets mocked relentlessly for his name though.