After over 600,000 votes (by you, the voters - not the guy writing this article, who has inordinately strong opinions about The Simpsons that differ from these results), we've determined the 25 greatest Simpsons characters of all time (check out the full results here). You may disagree and think that - like a famous news anchor said many times - democracy simply doesn't work. You may agree, and while everyone else is yelling "BOO", you'll be yelling....hrmmmm. Something other than "Boo"? Wish there was an appropriate Simpsons quote to add there. Oh well.

Note: Fox is very VERY good at getting Simpsons clips removed from Youtube - so we're including the best clips the internet has, many of which are pretty crummy.


25. Milhouse


Well, everything certainly IS coming up Milhouse here - or should I say THRILLHO? Haha, Simpsons references. Expect plenty of those!

Anyways, Milhouse is a delightful character - the ultimate sadsack and target of a lot of mockery within the show's universe. He's basically the Meg Griffin of The Simpsons (in case you're more familiar with Family Guy than The Simpsons, which - as time goes on - is probably a lot of you), except without the joke being beaten into the ground too much, even though The Simpsons has been on for about two times longer than Seth Macfarlane's original cutaway-vehicle.

Recent Seasons Update: Milhouse became a rebellious bad boy and dyed his hair blonde when his mother briefly moved him to Capitol City, I guess?


24. Dr. Nick Riviera


Try saying "Hi everybody!" and see how many people respond "Hi Doctor Nick!" These people have good taste in television, but will probably be insufferable to be around because they're going to take that interaction as an invitation to make a ton of Simpsons references for the next half hour or so.

Recent Seasons Update: Even though he clearly died during The Simpsons Movie, he...didn't die?


23. Nelson Muntz


Nelson's signature "Ha-HA" laugh may be the most distinctive laugh in TV history. Plus, he taught us to nuke the whales, since you gotta nuke somethin'.

Recent Seasons Update: He wears diapers (or at least has diaper rash).



22. Lenny Leonard


Lenny (of Lenny and Carl), like most Simpsons characters, started as nothing more than a side character to fill out the world a bit more. And slowly but surely over the course of 25 or so years, The Simpsons realized they had to explore every nook and  cranny of the world in order to not repeat themselves. So Lenny developed something resembling a personality - he lived like a pathetic hobo, he had a deep-seated love for Carl, and is a member of the NRA. Also, "DENTAL PLAN!", because that is burned deep into the memory of any Simpsons fan for the rest of their natural born lives.

Recent Seasons Update: Lenny is now either Homer's half-brother or step-brother (the Simpsons wikia isn't very clear on that issue)


21. Principal Seymour Skinner


Seymour Skinner is a delightful character - and one that quickly became one of the deeper and more complex characters as the show went on. A one-off joke referencing Psycho turned Skinner into the ultimate mama's boy, the same with a quick joke about his haunted past in Vietnam. Over the past 15 or so years, he's had some on-again, off-again romances and had his entire backstory irreparably altered with a pre-Mad Men Don Draper twist, but luckily no one can take away the Aurora Borealis sequence with Superintendent Chalmers.

Recent Seasons Update: Sorta hard to top the Armin Tamzarian thing - but apparently that's been referenced on the show since, which is sorta unexpected.