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Two years ago, after completing my undergraduate studies, I applied for the Postgraduate Program which was held by the same University. All applicants would sit for a written exam and those who passed would be interviewed. Out of the 27 applicants only 9 would be chosen for the Program. Me and other 16 people passed the written exam and a week or so after that it was interview time. The interviewers were three of the professors that designed and participated in the program and it was going to be tough. After around 20 minutes of discussion regarding the Program's subject (which is Applied Lingiustics in case anyone is wondering), they asked me what is the most important thing in life. Maybe they expected me to say something like "knowledge" in an attempt to make an impression, but they certainly did not expect my response and, to be honest, neither did I. Completely instictively and without batting an eyelid I gave them the "Love, Liberty and Time" speech that Ezio Auditore gives at the end of Assassin's Creed Embers, slightly altered of course to fit the ocasion but with the general premise the same. When I stopped talking all three of them were starring at me in silence. One of them (the most strict of the three) broke that silence by telling me "this is the most inspirational and beautiful thing I have ever heard".

A few days after that I received a call from the University that I have been accepted in the Program and a few weeks ago, I graduated.

I like to believe that I was chosen for my academic prowess but I cannot and will not deny the small but decisive role the Master Assassin played in me making a good impression at that crucial interview.



I just realized that I know my blood type in DayZ (0+) but not the blood type of my own body. One of the main reasons I signed up for the next blood donation to find out...



Let me tell you a little story about a community which a lot of you probally don't even know it exist. It's the group of people still playing Rollercoaster Tycoon and Rollercoaster Tycoon 2. These games are very old already but even as we speak now people are still building parks in these games and competitions are still being organised to see who is the best park-maker. I've been active in this community for quite some time already but lately I've dropped out. Still I think any person who has been active in this community is a First Class Geek. On the forums people have heated discussion about the physics of the coasters and they go as far as hacking the game so the cars actually run more realistically on the track. I used to be know as one of the most knowledgable people about this game. And I've contributed quite a few things to these parks which are still used nowadays. I once spend many days trying to figure out how I could simulate a kind of coaster which I saw in a video and I've even gone so far as learning assembly code just so I could get certain things in this game to work as I wanted them to.


Now you will think this is not that special. Many geeks have these kind of quirks but the fun really starts when you let these people lose in a real amusement park. In the past we've had meetings with the forums in different amusement parks and this is when the real geeks show. I've come back from parks with pictures of wall textures, coaster supports or trashbins just so I could recreate that park or use things from those pictures in my parks again. Also when these kind of people wait in the queue, the talk isn't about normal things. No, they discuss about how they can recreate a certain kind of roofing which they see or a certain kind of supporting. Or they discuss the latest parks which are released and which flaws they have.


This is just a little glimpse of the true nerdery of the Rollercoaster Tycoon fans. I don't think Chris Saywer ever imagined this impact when he created the game.





Senior year of high school was a hectic time for me a most of my friends.  Needless to say a big collaborative project was the last thing we needed on top of finals papers and everything else.  Nonetheless I was actually excited when my English teacher announced that the class would be divided up in groups to do a creative project on Arthurian legend.  More specifically she wanted us to make videos that we could present to the whole class.  Unfortunately I didn't know many of the people in the class very well. Most of my friends were in other classes.  I sort of knew the people in my group, but I knew them well enough to see that this was going to be an uphill battle to work together.  We tried hard to set up times, assemble props, write dialogue, and secure a camera that worked, but it quickly turned into a massive clusterf***.  Between conflicting schedules and general senior year apathy the project was in a flat spin.  A few days before the deadline we still had nothing to show for our efforts.  I had honestly wanted everyone to be a part of the project, but finally I made the decision to create something on my own.  

At the time my whole family avidly played World of Warcraft. I decided on a slide show of screenshots featuring my family's and best friend's toons as characters from King Arthur's origin story.  My paladin portrayed Uther Pendragon, my dad's warrior portrayed the Duke of Tintagel, my sister's mage portrayed Arthur's mother Igraine (kinda messed up, I know), my buddy's rogue portrayed Merlin, and mom took the screenshots.  We trekked all over Azeroth to get shots in the right locations.  I was particularly proud of the shots taken in the Cathedral of Light because we had to angle the shoots just right cut out all the NPCs.  At the end we did a few shots in tribute to Monty Python's Holy Grail like the line dance on the table from the Knights of the Round Table song.

I turned in the project and presented it to the class.  Aside from a few confused looks from the class it went over well and we received an A.  It annoys me that the members of my group who made no effort to contribute still got credit, but I had a great time making the project with my family. 




When I was 5 yrs old we found out that my Mom was pregnant with my sister. This was in 1996 when Sailor Moon was on Toonami during the day. I was a MASSIVE FAN and I watched it religiously. When it came time and my sister was born and we got down to the business of naming my sister. Now in America, Usagi's name is Serina. I remember standing at the end of the hospital bed jumping up and down screaming to name her Serina. I'm proud to say that my sister's name is Geri-Beth Serina. My sister was named after Sailor Moon, and she doesn't even realize the connection. 






I write you this email on behalf of Mrs. Margaret Crawford regards to her wish. She has decided to donate part of her inheritance to you for humanitarian work and your personal use. For more details contact her Attorney, Mark Lawson





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