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I was playing execution on Gears of War 2 when I noticed that there was somebody on the other team that had the gamertag "Dr Phil." Each time he was killed, I would ask, "how does that make you feel?" in my best Dr. Phil voice. Everyone was laughing, except Dr Phil of course!- Preston
I overheard the last part of a story coming into a room:"[and] it turned out, I wasn't even wearing my underwear on my head!"- Mans
I was in a MW2 lobby in between games and two kids who were apparently friends were talking to each other when one of their dads gets on the mic to ask the other if his dad was home. He kept asking "is your dad home? Hey billy is your dad home?" and the kid either didn't hear or wasn't paying attention so I chimed in "yeah billy IS your dad home??" The guy proceeded to call me a sick bastard for preying on kids on X-box live and then I overheard him grounding his son for playing with pedophiles.- John B.

I have played on X-box live for a couple years now, and everyone knows the language is vulgar and I tend to play in my living room so I keep the sound off. I still live with my parents, so I don't want my little brother or sister hearing some of the vulgar things even though they are really funny. However, about a year ago my mom randomly bought me a headset and was waiting for me to try it out. So I open it up and plug it in and in the first game, some random guy starts saying "thump thump on your mom's pusssssssyyyyy" and "they call me thumper from Bambi because I thump thump on your mom's pussssssssy". I laugh because I know my mom can't hear it, but she gets really excited and asks what is everybody saying and without missing a beat I said "Oh, they are all congratulating each other on a good game." She smiled and said "I should too and wish the other players a good game from her."- Jonathan M.
"I'm gonna put my asshole right on your mouth and plug your nose and blow a giant fart into it so your cheeks puff out"- Mitchell
I was playing an intense game of free for all in Call of Duty, the game winning kill was from a hardcore camper. The recipient of the kill yells "I'M GONNA RIP OFF YOUR ASSHOLE AND WEAR IT AS A MONOCLE." I never laughed so hard.- Sam
10 year-old playing COD4 on killing someone with his 9mm pistol:Kid: Yeah! Suck my 9mm cock!Friend: Kid? that's not really something you should be proud of.He left the game immediately afterwards.- Anonymous