Recently, Steam introduced a tagging system to its platform - allowing users to add tags to games in order to better categorize their vast library of selections. Naturally, users have already gone hog-wild into abusing and trolling the system. Great job, Steam taggers!


Barbie Dreamhouse Party

A post-apocalyptic horror masterpiece that's HUGE in the competitive Major League Gaming scene.

Great Job, Steam Taggers


Agricultural Simulator 2013

A broken simulation game for casuals that is definitely Game of the Year.

Great Job, Steam Taggers


Ride to Hell: Retribution

A famously-terrible bad masterpiece and surprising winner of Game of the Year.

Great Job, Steam Taggers


Call of Duty: Ghosts


many poor quality

much casual

very bads

Great Job, Steam Taggers


Airport Simulator 2014

The Game of the Year, hugely competitive simulation game WITH NANOMACHINES, SON.

Great Job, Steam Taggers



Bus Simulator 2012

The most kawaii Major League Gaming bus simulation ever. Also, it follows the rules of nature, apparently.

Great Job, Steam Taggers



Woodcutter Simulator 2013

Right up there with StarCraft and League of Legends in the Major League Gaming world. It's the Game of the Year, a bonafide masterpiece, and the best wood-cutting simulator of 2013.

Great Job, Steam Taggers



Let's Sing

You either fucking MASTER Let's Sing, or you get murderkilled so fast you'll be begging for Dark Souls. Also extremely kawaii ^_^

Great Job, Steam Taggers



Secret of the Magic Crystals

Only for the truly hardcore, this Game of the Year features a Very Cool Horse.

Great Job, Steam Taggers