1. Trainer 1

    Dude! Guess which Pokémon I just caught!

  2. Trainer 2

    Hmm, a Pikachu that you're never going to keep in a ball and let follow you everywhere you go?

  3. Trainer 1


  4. Trainer 2

    Uh oh…

  5. Trainer 1

    What do you mean "uh oh?"

  6. Trainer 2

    Dude, you gotta get rid of it quick. Like now.

  7. Trainer 1

    Are you sh*tting me? Do you know what I had to do to get it?

  8. Trainer 2

    You seriously need to put it back where you got it from. I sugges—

  9. Trainer 1

    I had to talk to a creepy old man and make him teach me how to catch a Pokémon, fly on a f*cking Pidgey to Cinnabar Island, then use it to surf up and down the shore.

  10. Trainer 2

    Do you not know what MissingNo is?

  11. Trainer 1

    Of course I do…it's a badass Pokémon that multiplies everything in my 6th item slot! Unlimited masterballs FTW.

  12. Trainer 2

    No! MissingNo is a glitch that can ultimately destroy and reset the Pokémon world if mishandled and used incorrectly!

  13. Trainer 1

    Hahaha! Yeah, because we're all inside one little video game world. Relax, dude.

  14. Trainer 2

    You're retarded.

  15. Trainer 1

    You're just jealous I have more masterballs than you'll ever have.

  16. Trainer 2

    Whatever, I'm leaving.

  17. Trainer 1

    What's that? You want to see my MissingNo??

  18. Trainer 2

    No! Stop!!

  19. Trainer 1


  20. Professor Oak

    Hello there! Welcome to the world of Pokémon! My name is OAK! People call me the Pokémon PROF!