5 Alternate Versions of Batman That Would Make Amazing Games

Miraculously, we live in an age where there are good Batman games (the Arkham series, in case you're the only person in the world super into Batman Forever ROMs). It took so long to get to the point where a regular Batman game could be good, we really didn't have time to consider the idea of making some of the weird alternate-Batman versions into amazing videogames as well. But now that the original Dark Knight's business has been settled, what other versions of Gotham's protector could use a next-gen franchise of their own? Here are the 5 that could be incredible.


1. Bizarro-Batman

The Character: Bizarro World is a strange, cube-shaped planet where everything is the exact opposite of what it is in our world. It's mostly known for Bizarro-Superman (or simply Bizarro), but he is far from the only interesting character from that twisted mirror of a world. Bizarro-Batman (aka The World's Worst Detective) is a moronic buffoon who has to solve cases and fight crime despite having less IQ than teeth.  His Futility Belt houses such useless stuff as chewed bubblegum and cigarette butts. A true underdog, he has to maintain peace and put a stop to the schemes of Bizarro-Joker, who, in a cruel twist of fate, is the only sane person in their world.

5 Alternate Versions of Batman That Would Make Amazing Games 

The Game That Could Be: So, a complete fool has to solve problems using seemingly useless items? That sounds like the classic point-and-click recipe to me. By the way, thanks to Telltale, that particular genre is enjoying a newfound popularity right now. They already proved they can make 'underdog triumphs' plots work (looking at you, StrongBad's Cool Game for Attractive People), so they could really make it magical. It will certainly never, ever happen, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't be fun. Also, we finally could get a Batman game more like the Adam West show than the gritty Nolan movies, a Batman game that isn't so dour. And really, anyone who dresses up like a bat shouldn't be expected to take themselves too seriously.


2. Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond)

The Character: The Dark Knight of the next generation, Terry McGinnis is the watchful guardian of Neo-Gotham. Mentored by Bruce Wayne, he has the original Batman's training, passion, and even genes to rely on, not to mention a high-tech Batsuit that allows him to fly and multiplies his strength. While Terry's personality differs from that of Bruce, his loyalty and sense of right and wrong is the same. His struggles prove that Batman will always be needed, and nobody is more worthy of that legacy than him.

5 Alternate Versions of Batman That Would Make Amazing Games

...also a legacy of dead parents.

The Game That Could Be: Well, Terry DID have his own game once, a broken beat-em-up for the PlayStation, but he deserves better than that. Imagine flying around in a free-roaming, futuristic Gotham City, with The Jokerz Gang as foot soldiers and classic Batman Beyond villains like Blight and Inque as bosses. You could even throw in the Tim Drake's Joker as a main villain! Want more? Remember that training program Terry had about the original Batman villains? Virtual reality training missions featuring present-day Gotham and guys like Scarecrow and Killer Croc is totally possible as either unlockables or DLC. Bruce Wayne had enough time to shine in the Arkham games. Playing as Terry would be a refreshing change, and some side-missions as a grumpy, cane-wielding old man Bruce would be amazing.