1. Professor Oak

    Ah, Red, you're back. Did you study the mating habits of the Wigglytuff?

  2. Red

    Professor, we have to talk.

  3. Professor Oak

    About the Poke'dex-

  4. Red

    What kind of professor are you?

  5. Professor Oak

    Excuse me?

  6. Red

    You know that level five poke'mon are really, really low, right?

  7. Professor Oak


  8. Red

    And three of them is not a lot of Poke'mon for a world famous professor to have. At first I was like, "oh, wow, a Poke'mon!". It turns out there are lots and lots of Poke'mon.

  9. Professor Oak

    Yeah, well-

  10. Red

    What, you never saw a Rattata? They're everywhere. Level eights. Here, I got you twelve.

  11. Professor Oak

    Why, the Poke'dex must have helped-

  12. Red

    It says "cautious in the extreme, its hardy vitality lets it live in any kind of environment".

  13. Professor Oak

    Ah, well yes-

  14. Red

    You know what it doesn't say? That when twelve of them will jump into your damn backpack they will all tear your Metapod to shreds.

  15. Professor Oak

    Ah! The Metapod! "It quietly endures hardships while awaiting evolution".

  16. Red

    Not this time. Not this time…

  17. Professor Oak

    Well, at least we can update the Poke'dex, with, um…blood.

  18. Red

    Speaking of which, maybe you could have included fighting tips. Those would have been useful. I mean, even Navi gave tips.

  19. Professor Oak

    Wait, Poke'mon fight?

  20. Red

    How are you even a professor!?

  21. Professor Oak

    I got my P.H.D. in German…

  22. Red

    Also, your grandson is the worst person ever.

  23. Professor Oak

    Don't you talk about Butthead like that.