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Pwn Up: Filmographics
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A definite nerdy movie memory comes to mind when I went to see a movie with my girlfriend. Since it was the Friday after Halloween, all the theater employees were dressed up. We go to get our popcorn and the cashier has an awesome Link costume, complete with a sword, shield and Navi. I compliment him on his costume and he let's out a big relieved sigh and says "Thanks man, you're the first person to get it. Everyone keeps calling me Peter Pan."



Pwn Up: Filmographics


My soon-to-be wife hadn't seen any Indiana Jones or Star Wars movie before we met.  We like playing games together and we'd been playing Lego Star Wars and upon beating Episode I-III her eyes got as big as silver dollars when she learned that Anakin was Darth Vader. That's mesed up, right? Experiencing one of the best moments in cinematic history, via the videogame version of the Lego version, of the prequels? I refused to play any further until she saw the movies, so I went out and got the complete set and a blu ray player.  She loved them so much that we watched IV-VI back-to-back that night.  Even she said "that's BS!" at the end where Hayden Christensen was added next to Obi-Wan & Yoda.



Pwn Up: Filmographics


I'm a preschool teacher and eventually I got fed up with the awful lullaby music they're always playing. So I created my own lullabies CD for the preschool classrooms, made up of music from Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy, and Studio Ghibli films. It puts the kids to sleep in no time! For my next CD, I put in music from Mass Effect, Halo, and Skyrim. :D




Pwn Up: Filmographics

Hey Dorkly, here's a Christmas story I hope makes its way into Pwn Up. Enjoy!


Every year my brother and I exchange a notoriously bad old school videogame for Christmas as a gag gift. This year, I thought I would step it up and give him the gift he really wanted.


(Check out the attached pics of a custom made Lee Carvallo's Putting Challenge NES cartridge!) 



Anyway keep doing awesome work and have a great holiday!


Pwn Up: Filmographics


- Richard





Simpsons references: the greatest gift of all. I hope everybody has their plans ready for the New Year and is prepared to celebrate responsiblyNext time on Pwn Up, let's share stories about partying (especially if you PARTY HARD).  Crash the popular kids' house party? Get amped up on energy drinks and drop-kicked a cop car? Have photos from your geeky theme party?  We're always on the lookout for the best, funniest, and most heatwarming stories.  As always send them over to dorklypwnup@gmail.com