It's convenient when your Christmas list doubles as a list of demands you can deliver to a hostage negotiator.




 Thailand does not negotiate with Twitter accounts under 1000 followers.




 Hopefully the railroad hobos have some next gen consoles.




 I'm pretty sure threatening to murder your sister's cat gets you on the naughty list.




 The doctors will prescribe a 200 CCs of 60 frames per second HD next gen graphics.




 Mom will finally understand why her son's been digging that 300 foot deep hole in the backyard.




 That whole "unconditional love" thing actually has a whole bunch of conditions.



I don't know what a 'hold fish' is, but I don't think it wants to 'get it.' I'm pretty sure about this.




Please don't do that. You're making Grandma Mae super uncomfortable.


And (as of the writing of this), there were only 3 tweets for the entire year with the terms "If I don't get" and "Wii U" in them. So people not getting Wii U's for Christmas are mostly gonna be okay. At least no titty-flipping.

People Making Some Pretty Intense Threats If They Dont Get a Next Gen Console For Christmas