Shia Labeouf is a famous actor best known for his roles as "not the worst thing in those movies everybody hates". But now he has become the center of a PR maelstrom after his short film "" was revealed to have been plagiarized. The film borrows heavily from a comic by Daniel Clowes, one of the most respected luminaries in the world of independant comics. Without any attribution or acknowledgement, Shia took dialogue, imagery, and compositions directly from the comic. And even though Mr. Labeouf issued an apology (which itself turned out to be plagiarized) over twitter, this can't be the end. 


In an exclusive find, our crack team of researchers has found promo materials for earlier Shia Labeouf films and we fear he may have  stolen from other famous graphic novelists as well. 


See for yourself:


The LesserKnown Creative Works of Shia Labeouf Harrison Ford co-stars in this tale  of a young chicano lesbian couple who find a Crystal Skull.



The LesserKnown Creative Works of Shia Labeouf
The story of an emotionally stunted man who rediscovers his father and the ALL-SPARK.


The LesserKnown Creative Works of Shia Labeouf
Ok, the title is confusing, but this is just a re-edit of "Eagle Eye" with the deleted scenes put back.