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Pwn Up: Winter is Here


So on one of the few days it was snowing in my neighborhood I was going sledding out in the park. On the way there, I saw one of my friends already going at it and decided this would be the perfect opportunity for a prank. So once I saw him, I snuck up all ninja-like and waited for him at the top of the hill. Just as he was about to go down, I yelled "HADOUKEN!" and tackled him, causing both of us to slide down together on the sled. The best part was that, due to his face being blasted with snow, he didn't know it was me, so he was just screaming "WHO ARE YOU" and "HELP SOMEBODY HELP" the whole time while I continued to scream "HADOUKEN!" This fun continued until we hit a man-made snow ramp and flew into each other mid-air and landed face-down into the snow. Because of that, I was the only kid in my class with back problems for a month, but on the bright side I can now share this tale with a minor gaming website.

- Slender Man (I won't let you have my real name)


Pwn Up: Winter is Here


Every winter, when the weather gets super cold and the snow starts to fall, I always get the urge to play Harvest Moon games. It reminds me of when I was younger and I would get them for Christmas, then play them all throughout the winter season. Not to mention that winter was my favorite season in Friends of Mineral Town, mostly due to the calm music and peaceful atmosphere.




 Pwn Up: Winter is Here

"I'm not wearing hockey pads- oh wait maybe I am. Nevermind"


Last February my Scout group went to the Northern Tier High Adventure Base in Minnesota to go dog-sledding. We were six miles from Canada, and it was COLD. Being from Louisiana, many of us had never seen snow before. The thing that made that trip for me was the last day we were there when I got to finally set my plan in motion. That morning I let everyone else go ahead of me before and then grabbed the outfit I had carried with me the whole trip. I had become THE BATMAN. I showed up to breakfast doing my best gravelly Christian Bale voice, saying things like "Where is breakfast? WHERE IS IT?!" or "The staff guide... Can he be trusted?" I kept this up throughout the rest of the day until it was time to leave. A lot of my friends say the best part was when we went out onto the frozen lake and my cape started billowing in the wind. I had a blast, and was making Batman references the whole time. So no-one will ever be able to beat my story from Mardi Gras 2013, because nobody else went dog-sledding in a Batman suit.




Pwn Up: Winter is Here


So we recently got some snow where I live. Me, my dad, and my dog were out in our driveway shovelling. My dog walks over on her chain to where I'm shovelling. Ever once in a while she would get hit by some snow that would fly off the side of my shovel. She would shake it off, walk back a few steps, then approach again. Rinse and repeat. This reminded me of  MMO bosses and I said to her "If you don't want to take damage, don't stand next to the boss with the cone AoE." My dad and I laughed about it for ten solid minutes. My dad is also a huge nerd, this is important to the story. My dog is not a nerd. It is a dog.


- Andrew




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