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My University's wireless network won't allow the downloading of WoW patches, so once a week my roommate and I download the patch in the parking lot of a Days Inn.-Jason

I buy videogame soundtracks on CD. Not just games with epic scores, mind you, but games like Mario Kart 64.-AK

I bought a copy of Halo 3 as soon as it came out, two months before I could afford to buy an Xbox 360.-Jesse

I had just gotten Netflix for the first time and was streaming The Super Mario Super Show cartoon from the '80s on my PS3. I was having a great nostalgia trip until I noticed in the opening credits that Mario touches a star and, instead of becoming invincible, he gets fire flower power. I nerd raged for a few minutes until I realized I was alone, watching a children's cartoon from the '80s on a Saturday night.-Jay R.

I wrote my college application essay about Dragonball and deliberately made "Dragonball" the first word of the essay.-Lee

My girlfriend was telling me about a creepy middle-school-ish kid that hit on her at work. She said he liked her ring, and she started telling me his story of how "he and his friend would run around wearing rings and pretend they were the Green Goblin." It went on for five minutes. When she finished, I mentioned that they would have been playing Green LANTERN, not Goblin. After a pause, she angrily asked if that was what I'd been thinking about the entire time she was talking. I had been.-Corey

I have a slow internet connection so I play online chess to kill time while my pornos load.-Doughnut

A Pwn My Life Public Service Announcement:Every single one of you pretend you're using the force when you open automatic doors. Stop e-mailing me about it.