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Pwn Up: When You Wish Upon a Card


In 9th grade I attended a Christian school and my friends and I were really into playing with Yu-gi-oh! cards as a retro throwback. We'd bust out our old decks at school and play whenever we could. This lasted until the principle decided that Yu-gi-oh! wasn't appropriate for a Christian school and so he banned it. During our senior year, in one last act of "rebellion" we decided to bring the Yu-gi-oh! cards with us to our senior trip to Disney World. Turns out it was a great way to pass the time in the hotel. Soon, more and more of our classmates began dueling with us during the mornings, while the girls kept complaining we made them late to Disney. One of the mornings we had such intense duels that it caused us to leave WAY later than we should have. We were about to leave when all of a sudden a giant thunderstorm just lets loose above our heads. If we had left when we were supposed to, we would have been caught in the storm at Disney World. All of the guys celebrated the fact that us playing Yu-gi-oh! saved the day, and we spent the whole day reminding the girls that you should ALWAYS believe in the heart of the cards.






Pwn Up: When You Wish Upon a Card




You know those hyperactive kids that go nuts at Disney World? I was once one of them.
Didn't know these backpacks existed until I saw one last year in one of the gift shops.
I ran around that store for thirty minutes quoting Star Wars and I still didn't buy it




Pwn Up: When You Wish Upon a Card


illustration by Eric Proctor 



Went to Disney World last year. Before the parade starts, an older cast member started asking some of the other patrons if they could name each of the Disney princesses. I silently uttered each one under my breath. After he got all the answers, he asked one last question, "Which Disney princess just cost $5 billion?" I blurted out Princess Leia, he said "Good job sir, now get a life." To which i replied, "Thank you!"

Just figured I'd share that





Pwn Up: When You Wish Upon a Card


When I graduated high school in 2007, Disney World held an event called Grad Nite where high school students from all around the south were invited to stay in the park after hours. Even though I had lived in Florida my whole life, I had never been to Disney before so of course I was excited to see as much as I could. While exploring the park, me and my group of 5 friends met a similarly sized group of attractive girls in the line for space mountain. We walked around the park together and stumbled across this huge arcade that had all the cabinets playable for free for the event. I was up first on Tekken 5 and ended up on a 38-0 streak using Heihachi (the old bald guy with the crazy hair spikes) against everyone in the group. The girls left after an hour, but more people kept coming up to play me and I spent about 2/3 of my total time in the park on that one arcade console. I even missed the big Cassie concert in front of the Castle. Looking back on that day I still regret nothing from my only trip to Disney.




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