Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation VI Pokemon

After 1.5 million votes, the results are in for the best Pokemon from X & Y - a generation that's not even two months old. And the top 15 from Generation 6 is one of the strongest line-ups we've seen yet - and this is from a game with the smallest number of new Pokemon added yet. This was a generation of quality over quantity, and it showed. To help illustrate why each of the Pokemon that made the cut were so popular, we've included a comment from the voting or an email we received. 

So here are the (reminder to the Church of Goomy: these results are according to voters, not ME) greatest 15 Pokemon from Generation 6.


15. Goodra

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation VI Pokemon

The glory of lord Goomy is undeniable.
Plus Goodra evolves from it, and Goodra's pretty good. (Sam Jones)

While the mysteriously popular / completely-understandably popular mini-blob Goomy couldn't quite make the top 15 (despite a concerted effort), it's evolved form - the slightly-drippy dragon Goodra - did. And for a friendly slime dragon (and for people who grew up watching a lot of Double Dare, that is a very appealing description), Goodra holds his own pretty well, although I'm guessing everyone in the comments will still prefer its weaker, appendage-less younger self.


14. Espurr

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation VI Pokemon

It looks like it walked in on its parents having sex.
(Ewan O'Keefe)

It's pretty rare for a pre-evolution to do better than its evolved form - but then again, Espurr is not your usual Pokemon. It's not especially powerful or useful in battle - but it does have one thing few other Pokemon possess: bone-chilling creepiness. Look into those soulless, dead eyes. What has this poor creature seen? According to its Pokedex entry, it emits a powerful psychic energy - but it has no control over it. Maybe Espurr has peered into the dark souls of everything around it, and can no longer go on facing the world. Maybe it has seen things that cannot be unseen.

Or maybe it saw the number of creepy memes about Espurr.

13. Sylveon

Toplist Results: The 15 Greatest Generation VI Pokemon

It was hard to come up with a decision on the best Generation 6 Pokemon, in a world of ninja frogs, badass pandas, and Goomy, but I finally decided upon Sylveon for allowing Eevee to keep being awesome. (Squid Kid)

Eevee, the Pokemon with the least stable genetic code this side of one of those Jurassic Park frogs, came roarin' back to the scene with a single new evolution this go around: Sylveon - the de facto mascot for the new Fairy-type. While it may look super-cutesy, keep in mind that Fairy-types are extremely effective against dragons, making Sylveon the closest thing in these games to the Dragonborn.